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6 January 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the death of Penny Feiwel (Phelps), the last of the many British nurses who served in the International Brigades and other medical services duri9ng the Spanish Civil War. Here is her obituary, written by IBMT Secretary Jim Jump, from the 1-2011 issue of the IBMT Newsletter.

Reinhardt Silbermann of the KFSR International Brigade memorial group in Germany sets the scene for the annual commemoration in Hamburg in May.

2016 marks the 120th anniversary of the formation of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), the international trade union of seamen and transport workers and their struggle against exploitation, war and fascism.

Among the 2015 books of the year chosen by the Morning Star were two that the IBMT played a hand in publishing. 

“No Other Way: Oxfordshire and the Spanish Civil War 1936-39”, by Chris Farman, Valery Rose and Liz Wooley, is described as “a wonderful example of what a group of local activists can achieve when they pool their talents and hard work”. The book was published by the IBMT.

How pleasing to see Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias invoking the memory of the International Brigades when he addressed supporters in Madrid following the party’s success in the Spanish general election on 20 December. 

Twenty medical doctors serving in the International Brigades went straight from Spain to China to help the country defend itself against Japanese aggression. The Chinese called them the “Spanish Doctors,” because of their earlier activities in Spain, even though none of them were Spaniards.

The following press statement has been issued by the KFSR, the IBMT's sister organisation in Germany:

The members of the German association Fighters and Friends of the Spanish Republic 1936-1939 (KFSR) vigorously protest German government pension payments, 70 years after the end of World War Two, to Spanish collaborators with the Nazis and their family members.

Here are the thoughts of IBMT member Kit Prendergast about the speech by Hilary Benn in the House of Commons on 2 November in favour of Britain bombing Syria. The speech stirred controversy by referencing the International Brigades. IBMT members are invited to send any comments or alternative assessments of the issues raised by Hilary Benn’s invocation of the International Brigades to:


The IBMT will be sending birthday cards and best wishes this month to the two last known members of the XV International Brigade: Delmer Berg, who will be 100 on 20 December, and Stan Hilton, who celebrates his 98th birthday on New Year’s Eve.



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