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Poster by the Agrupación de Veteranos Internacionalistas Cubanos en España 1936-1939

In this letter to the IBMT, Cuban historian Dr Victor Pina Tabío recounts the experiences of those Cubans who volunteered to fight fascism in Spain, placing them within a long and heroic tradition of internationalism.


IBMT Chair Jim Jump reviews ‘Gernika: Genealogy of a Lie’ by Xabier A Irujo (Sussex Academic Press, 2019). This review was originally published in the IBMT magazine ¡No Pasarán! 2-2020.

Republican flowers from Jane Bernal

IBMT Film Coordinator Marshall Mateer has compiled a gallery of photographs and messages from members and supporters showing how they marked the International Brigade annual commemoration from home this year.


Historian Richard Baxell reviews ‘Violencia: A New History of Spain: Past, Present and the Future of the West’ by Jason Webster (Constable 2019). Originally published in ¡No Pasarán! 1-2020.

Jeremy Corbyn with IB memorial

The IBMT held a wreath-laying ceremony on Saturday 4 July at the International Brigade memorial in Jubilee Gardens, London. We have produced this short film of the proceedings in lieu of the customary annual public event.

The Marx Memorial Library has hosted an online panel discussion on current moves to distort the history of the Second World War and the longer fight against fascism in the 20th century.

Oliver Law

This extract from ‘The Book of the XV Brigade’ honours three African-American Lincoln Battalion volunteers. It serves as a reminder of the egalitarianism and internationalism at the heart of the International Brigades.

Tommy Moore memorial

On 3 June 2020, IBMT activists Stuart Walsh, Paul Ward and Barrie Eckford laid a wreath on a memorial to Thomas Moore, Manchester International Brigader who was killed at Teruel in 1938. This article by Stuart Walsh provides an account of the accidental re-discovery of the grave by Barrie Eckford.

IBMT Trustee John Haywood pays tribute to his fellow Oxfordshire IBMT activist Chris Farman. 

Douglas Jolly

David Lowe and Mark Derby write about Douglas Jolly, the New Zealand surgeon who served in the International Brigades. They outline why he went to Spain and his contribution to the progress of battlefield surgery as a discipline.


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